Moe Zoyari is an Iranian-American photojournalist, and two-time winner of Picture of The Year International Award. He is a frequent contributor to Chicago Tribune, and The Washington Post. He began his work as a photographer at the age of 14. After focusing his work around human rights issues and political turmoil in Iran, he expanded his reach, covering events in Middle East, Europe and the Unites States. His photos have been published in national, and international journals including NewsweekTime, and Der Spiegel , among others.

He has visited more than 52 countries in the past years to be a voice for the deliberately silenced and preferably unheard people. Moe was invited to The White House by President Obama, and The First Lady in 2015 to attend the global Instameet.  He worked for United Press International and British Broadcasting Corporation from 2003 to 2015, and is now being represented by Redux Pictures. He is currently a Staff Multimedia Producer Specialist for Northern Illinois University. The Pulitzer Prize winner John H. White has been a mentor of Moe.  

 Photo: M.Akbarpour

Photo: M.Akbarpour


Notable Awards & Honors



  • Columbia College Chicago | BA in Multimedia Photojournalism | GPA: 4.0 with Honors | Fall 2017 - Fall 2018

    • Moe was the photo editor of Echo Magazine Spring 2018 Issue

    • Because of his past experiences, Moe was able to finish his bachelor's degree in three semesters.

 Photo: Maryam Rasoulzadeh

Photo: Maryam Rasoulzadeh


Dedicated to academic excellence and long-term career success, Columbia College Chicago creates a dynamic, challenging and collaborative space for students who experience the world through a creative lens.

Lectures & Exhibitions:

  • Capture your Freedom at Gallery RIVAA on Roosevelt Island in NYC, October 6-November 11, New York City

  • "Capture your Freedom" summer exhibition at Four Freedoms Park in Roosevelt Island, June 14, 2018. New York, NY

  • 6th LUMIX Festival For Young Photojournalism Photo Exhibition, Hannover, Germany, June 23, 2018

  • Fourth Edition of Eyes on Main Street photo exhibit, Downtown Wilson, North Carolina, April 21, 2018

  • "Artists for Peace" photo exhibition at UC Berkeley, California, December 2017

  • Guest lecturer at Columbia College Chicago - Ethics in Journalism 2017

  • Guest lecturer at College of San Mateo – California 2011

  • Photo Exhibition of Forgotten Colors – Sunnyvale Library, California 2010

  • Photo Exhibition at University of Putra – Malaysia 2009

  • Photo Exhibition of 30 Years of Iranian Photography, Monnaie de Paris, 2009

  • Guest lecturer – Faculty of Social Sciences, Tehran University, Iran 2009

  • Manager of a week long workshop for Iranian photographers, Tehran 2008

  • Photo Exhibition of Difficulties of Being a Woman in Iran, Germany 2007

  • Photo Exhibition of Just For Foreign Policy, New York, NY 2005

 Moe on a photo assignement in south of Mosul, Iraq 2016. Photo by Go Nakamura

Moe on a photo assignement in south of Mosul, Iraq 2016. Photo by Go Nakamura



  • Cuba: A culture encapsulated - Work in progress (2018)
    A photo book about the impact of the embargo on Cuban exports and the life of Cubans

  • Influential Persians: A photo portrait book of influential Iranians around the world.
    This book is a work in progress and would be published by the end of 2017.

  • Exile: A photo book featuring Iran, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia,
    France, Italy, Germany, and the U.S. (2012) ISBN: 978-0-9857770-1-2

  • Forgetfulness: A photo book of a 14 months journey throughout 45 countries around the world. ISBN: 978-0-9857770-0-5

Selected Online Publications:

Wilderness First Aid Training:

  • Moe has successfully achieved the Wilderness Medical Associates certification, which includes epinephrine administration to treat anaphylaxis, and single person adult CPR, including relief of foreign body airway obstruction and AED use.
    This program was supported by RISC Training