By Moe Zoyari

Note by Pulitzer Prize Winner, Kim Komenich, 2012

" When I talk to students about the world’s great photojournalists and documentary photographers I tell them that often there is personal experience that has redefined the photographer’s vision. There is a moment when a new set of tools becomes available. There are the learned mechanical skills-- composition, sensitivity to light and color and moment-- techniques that can be sharpened through practice and perseverance. Then there are the almost mystical, poetic skills that have their home in the heart ...."

By Moe Zoyari

Note by the author, 2017

Two years ago - on the first days of March 2015 - I suddenly decided to sell most of the things I owned but leave the necessary ones in a backpack to travel the world. 74 items to be exact! I saved enough money to last for a year and promised myself not to give up until I have the energy, purpose and of course money to continue my journey. This sudden decision ended up being an amazing experience that familiarized me with many cultures in those 45 countries I visited. The simplest thing I learned was that this world is massive, and beautiful. But it could be more beautiful if we would take care of each other more often. This is what we should not forget: To be kind to one another. The photos in this book are a small part of what I witnessed, and documented during those 14 months.